Seven Letters from Paris is the Kindle Daily Deal! Today only! Love for a $1.99!

In a world constantly bombarded with trauma and bloodshed, it's nice to know that some of us still believe in LOVE. I do. I really do. So let's forget about HATE for a few moments and focus on LOVEthe reason I decided to share my crazy love adventure with the masses.
 I'm glad I took the leap.  And leap...I did.

My memoir, Seven Letters from Paris, is about second chances in both life and in love. In it, I finally open up my heart to LOVE. Today ONLY,  in the US and Canada, Amazon has chosen Seven Letters from Paris as the Kindle Daily Deal in biographies and memoirs. A slice of LOVE can be yours for the VERY low price of $1.99 – cheaper than a gourmet chocolate bar or a café latte. (Hey, we all have our vices. A heartwarming book about LOVE should be one of them...)

Here are the linky, links:

If you have a Nook, Barnes & Noble is matching Amazon's price!!! Huzzah!

Admittedly, I'm a bit nervous for this big sale. But... I'm also excited. Because the best part about being a writer is connecting with readers. I've received kind emails, tags on Instagram, messages on Facebook, wonderful reviews, and tweets from people who connected to my story in one way or another. Sometimes these lovely souls share their journeys, hopes, and fears with me, too. It's wonderful. Magic. Amazing. And, soon, I'll be sharing some of these stories with you. On that, if you have a story you'd like to share, hit me up here. It can be anonymous. You can change names. There's just one little caveat: the topic has to be LOVE

Bisous from Toulouse,



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