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L'amour. Amar. Amore. Láska. Cinta Kasih. обичам. љубав. Meilė.
사랑. ความรัก. 愛. 爱. Szerelem. Die Liebe. Miłość.  любов. Ljubav.
αγάπη. Elske. 愛. Dragoste. इश्क. Elsker. Rakkaus. älskar...
No matter how we say it or spell it or write it, one thing is certain, we all aspire to have love in our lives. In Seven Letters from Paris, I share my story of finding love and opening up my heart with readers from around the world. (What a mind blowing thought!) Since publication, I've received messages from people from every corner of this beautiful planet of ours who have either a) shared their stories with me or b) have told me how-- in some way, shape or form-- they connected to my journey. It's incredible! With Valentine's Day (I know, I know– a Hallmark holiday, but still) making it's speedy approach, I thought, what a great month to share YOUR love stories. There are so many incredible stories out there! And why stop in the month February? We should be celebrating LOVE every day -- or at the very least once a month! Yes, I'd like for this to be a monthly or bi-monthly love event.

Some of you don't have blogs. So use mine to get your story out there! Some of you may want to remain anonymous. And that's just fine. (I promise, stick a needle in my eye, to keep your identity hush-hush). Your story can be as long or as short as you want it to be. You can change names and locations. You can send me photos to post if you'd like. Mostly, though, and I speak from experience, writing and getting your story 'out there' feels just plain good. All I ask from you is that your story is about love, whether you are searching for it or have found it, that it delivers a positive message in the end, and that it is TRUE. Hey, in this crazy world of ours, we all need a little dash of HOPE.
I want to hear from YOU!

In your email, in addition to your story, please include how you'd like to attributed (it can be anonymous, a made-up name, or for you adventurous types-- your real name) and any links to your social media outlets you'd like to share. (Obviously, if you're anonymous--we won't include any links. Kind of defeats the point!)
Let's share some love!


Waiting for the last skis standing...
Two weekends ago, we spent the weekend skiing – a half good/ half bad experience. The Bad: JL was nursing a torn muscle, so he didn't ski w/us. It was just me and the kids. The first day, I took the kids to get a snack at a restaurant near the summit. When we were finished eating our nutella-filled crêpes, Elvire couldn't locate her rental skis. Somebody had taken off with them. We had to wait until the whole restaurant cleared out (an hour and a half) to find the last pair standing! They were from the same rental company-- but were too big. Thankfully, the guys at the lift were able to adjust them because there was only one way to get back down the mountain: to ski. At this point, bad weather had rolled in. Plus, we had to take one more lift up to the 'blue' run...or I'd kill myself on an advanced run. (I'm a light blue skiier).  The lift was about to close. We were the last people on it.  Nobody behind us. Obviously, we survived...but the situation could have gotten really bad. 
We ran into the "thief" at the rental shop. He felt terrible he'd put us in that situation. I held back my snarl. Elvire's skis were red. His were green. And his feet were bigger!

The next day was perfect...


Check out this wonderful cover for art the Bulgarian edition of Seven Letters from Paris! It is beautiful perfection! (My humble opinion!) The hummingbird...and seven letters. In case you are wondering, my name is Camahta Bepah in Bulgarian. The book releases in Bulgaria tomorrow! Can't wait!

In the past two weeks, the translation rights to Seven Letters have sold to both Italy and Greece! I've been doing a strange Elaine version from Seinfeld of the happy dance for weeks. No, I won't be posting a video of this. Dare me. I just might. (But only to make you laugh...)

Great book review in the Minneapolis Star Tribune! Merci! http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/books/290375271.html

I'm working on some super secret stuff. I hope to share the news soon (ish).

Note: I've decided to close comments on all forthcoming blog posts. WHY, you ask? Well, I like interacting with people and I find Facebook and Twitter to be way more effective...because I'm able to respond. Please feel free to share and tweet the posts you like...then join in on the conversation.

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Bisous from Toulouse,



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