Launch day three: (or Ermagad...I'm tired!)

Ermagad, launching a book is tiring. My head is spinning. I'm beyond exhausted. I'm spent. But I'm also thrilled. Since day one (five years ago), I've been in this for the long-haul. Never quit! Never give up! Keep pushing forward! (Can't I take a long nap now? NOPE. No rest for the weary!!) Thankfully, there is a big pay off at the end! At least for now!

Five years later...and this! This makes the hard work worth it!

My book is in stores! Thank you to Teresa Rhyne, my pub sister and confidant,
for capturing Seven Letters in the wild! Barnes and Noble! Hello!
Seven Letters is 84 in hot new releases!

A #7 bestseller in France travel guides. ( I'm guiding people to love...)
#1 in France Travel on Kindle!

#10 on Traveler and Explorer biographies (I explore love...)

#4 On Best Travelogues and Travel Europe!
All of this is great. Fantastic. Stellar. Yay! But my work isn't over yet. In fact, it's only just beginning. I need to keep the buzz going! That's where you come in. You are my village people! Don't fight over who will be the Indian, the cop, or the policeman! Just spread the word about Seven Letters. Please! Tweet this post. FB it. And then we can all dance the YMCA together. (Jean-Luc says. "Never me Alive!" and we are going to ignore him!)

The book launch/ blog tour continues!

Today, the amazing Mardi Michel's from Eat. Live. Travel. Write, has a book review and a giveaway of Seven Letters from Paris! Huzzah! Mardi's site is amazing. Please check it out! You will leave it hungry. Very hungry! And, while you're at it, check out my new sister from another mister's post about Seven Letters on American Art Girls Art Club in Paris. (Margie and I were supposed to meet in person a few weeks ago. But I had book baby brain and we missed our connection! Thankfully, we we were able to Skype and share a glass of wine together!)

The support continues!

What can I say? Eloisa James has been an amazing friend...and we haven't even met! (Yet!)  I contacted her way back when to ask if she would be willing to support Seven Letters. And she's gone above and beyond the call of duty, posting about Seven Letters on her FB page to her thousand of followers and agreeing to giveaway her memoir during my launch. TALK ABOUT A CLASSY AUTHOR! I hope to follow in her footsteps! I loved her memoir Paris In Love and it's my hope you'll love it too!

Check it out! 

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Okay. Time for that nap! Gros bisous from Toulouse!!!


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