Wednesday is more than all write! What a great book launch!

My book! In the wild! At Barnes & Noble!

Yesterday's book launch event went better than I'd anticipated! 300 people showed to support SEVEN LETTERS FROM PARIS! I'm so very grateful. And it seems a good time was had by all! People like the fact that I wasn't just pimping out my own book and were thrilled with the giveaways. (8 books total, including mine). A heartfelt thanks goes out to Ann Mah, Eloisa James, Jennifer L. Scott, and Sourcebooks for agreeing to my crazy idea to support other authors! We done good.

Jean-Luc came home with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the launch, so the party wasn't just virtual. (I'm so keeping him!)

My friend Sara tweeted the above photo from Barnes & Noble in Fairfax, VA. I was floored! My book is actually on shelves? It's surreal. Also surreal was becoming an Amazon category bestseller before the book was released! My jaw? It's still on the floor. I thought my mom, sister, and friends were the only people who pre-ordered the book. Apparently, more people did. THANK YOU!!!!

I'm sending all of you virtual kisses and hugs!

Come again? I should have taken a screen shot that morning!

Note: I just checked Amazon and they only have 14 paperback copies left in stock. Just sayin.'

Well, that, and I wouldn't have had a successful book launch without YOU!

More hugs. More kisses. I'm truly blessed with support. Again, I'm floored.

The launch tour continues! 

Today, the lovely Jacqueline Brown, of French Village Diaries has posted a review of SEVEN LETTERS, and my pub sister Susan Blumberg-Kason, author of Good Chinese Wife, has posted a review/post. Susan received my book from our publisher and left a lovely review on Goodreads. I, of course, immediately asked my editor for her memoir! I received it about a week ago, started it (and am loving it--a fantastic read!!!), but got sidetracked by something called a book launch. I also had one read ahead of hers. You should see my TBR pile! And my checklist of things to do!

Good Chinese Wife is staring at me from my shelf right now, begging to be picked up. And that's exactly what I'm going to do once I finish this post! It's powerful and fantastic and honest! Don't believe me? Check out GCW for yourself!

Add to Goodreads

Phew! I'm looking forward to some reading time!



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