Launch Week Recap! In the wild!

A big bisous goes to Margie White, who sent me this photo of SEVEN LETTERS at a Barnes & Noble in Illinois!

One of the most exciting things about being a published author is seeing your book in a store for the very first time. Look, look, there it is! Or at least I can imagine the thrill. Unfortunately, though, I live in Toulouse, France and I know my book won't be found on the shelves...unless I put it there. (You should see the limited selection of books in English! It's seriously tiny!) Thankfully, a bunch of you have sent me pictures, or posted on Twitter and Instagram, capturing Seven Letters from Paris in the wild, spotting the book in stores across the US.

It's a dream come true!

 And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I think it's time for a Moondance!

(July 24th, 2010- the wedding dance!)

The blog tour continues!

I've been following Lindsey Tramuta's amazing site, LOST IN CHEESELAND, ever since I moved to France five years ago. It's been a wealth of information for me, and I also made a new 'virtual' friend! One day...I hope to meet her in Paris. (I'm working on that!) Today, I'm thrilled Lindsey has featured Seven Letters from Paris on her site with a sweet write up and a guest post, Seven Things I've Learned Living with a French Man, from yours truly. Plus, there's a book giveaway...

Jacqueline Brown of French Village Diaries has come back for blog tour round two! This past Wednesday, she wrote a lovely review of Seven Letters from Paris,  and, today, she's interviewed me.

Well, that's it on my end! It's been a truly exciting week. I'd like to thank everybody for their support! You've all gone above and beyond the call of duty! Have a great weekend!

Best wishes and bisous from Toulouse! 



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