Locks of Love in Biarritz

Locks of Love in Biarritz.

On an illustrious bridge in Paris -- the "Pont des Arts," many couples have written their names on a padlock, locking it to the side of the bridge. The key is then thrown into the Seine -- a symbol of undying love. Apparently, the only way to break this bond of love is to find the key and unlock the padlock. Which is impossible, unless you want to scuba in the Seine with the chances of finding your key hedging on slim-to-none...and you'd probably be arrested. 

As for Biarritz? You better be sure your love is "the one."

Yes. You better be sure!

So, tell me! Are you ready to commit? Are you already committed? Or should you be committed?

Happy Friday!

And bisous from France!

p.s. More photos and news from Biarritz coming soon! I'm playing a little game I call catch up. And, WOW! my phone took some pretty good pictures!


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