Melting Pot Monday: (on a Tuesday) La Dolce Vita

I may have been a very bad blogger these past two weeks, but with good reason. After three weeks of preparing/building the new bedroom, my family came to France! The nights were busy with dinner parties (three, two at his sister's, in Provence, and one at our friend's, here in Toulouse). The days were spent visiting with friends, family, and touring, showing my parents and sister the sites. The Frog (he who shall now be named The Drill Sergeant) was a most excellent tour guide and we went everywhere...

DAY 1: On the way to pick up my family at the airport in Marseilles
we stopped at this rest area with Roman ruins. Only In France!

DAY 2: Aix en Provence

Above: In the background is my Mom – buying a Panama Hat,
which was made in Ecuador, and purchased in Provence.

DAY 3: The beach and shops at Cassis & La Ciotat

DAY 4: A day of boating and swimming on and in the Mediterranean Sea

Above: Seesters! (Spelled wrong, purposefully.)

DAY 5: Arles & Carcassonne

Above: The Papa!

DAY 6: Rocamadour & St Cirque La Popie

Above: Mom & Dad!

DAY 7: Bordeaux, a little wine tasting in Saint Émilion

Above: Château de Ferrand, owned by Barron Bich of the BIC fortune.

Above: Mom, in her element.

Day 8: Hiking in the Pyrénées

Day 9: Biking, Wandering, and drinking a Monaco in Toulouse

Yep, my family definitely experienced the South of France through the eyes of a Frenchman.

Although I need a vacation from my vacation, I miss them already!

(note: the kids were with us, but, a personal preference, I don't like posting pictures of their faces on the blog.)


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