Francophile Friday: Friendly French Neighbors and Mirabelles

So what do you when your neighbors give you 3 or so pounds of freshly picked mirabelle plums right from the tree in their backyard? Well, after you take a picture of said plums for your blog, you hand them over to your French husband so he can make a delicious tart.

We always keep two of three "pâtes" (pre-made crusts) in our frigo, should a tart or quiche craving arise. And who would have thought making a fresh fruit tart was so easy? All you have to do is lay down the crust in a pie dish, de-seed the mirabelles, add some vanilla sugar and some cinnamon, bake for a half an hour at around 350 (180), and voilà!

Regardless of ease, there's something sexy about a man who can cook, yes?

Note: The above recipe works for apples, cherries...really any fruit!


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