Wednesday is all Write: Except for Today

Today, I could write about author platforms, and how I need one to get my memoir published. I could write about voice, plotting, or character arcs. I could even write about my reasons for choosing a photo from Narnia for this post – which aren't religious, but inspirational.

But today I'm not going to discuss any of these things.

In the spirit of the holiday season, and with a new year approaching, today I'd like to thank all of you. I'd like to thank you for your support, for being here, for listening. I'd like to thank you for offering, in most cases, your virtual hand in friendship. Not only am I trying to forage my way on the tiresome (and potentially dangerous) road towards publication, I live in new country where, more often than not, I am truly a fish out of water. You guys have made this journey, and all the adjustments bearable, even enjoyable. I'm blessed to have gotten to know each and every one of you.

For all this I thank you.

To all my friends, I hope all of your holiday wishes and dreams come true, even those you've had since childhood. It's never too late.

This New Year's Eve, I will raise a virtual glass of champagne in your honor.

Over the head and down the hatch. (Oops. I just did a lemon drop shot).

See you in the New Year.

Gros bisous (big kisses)


p.s. As of this morning Mutants was ranked #786, gaining over 3,000 spots in one week! Woot!


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