I'm behind on blogging

Will be back tomorrow, making rounds.

BUT before I leave, a quick Mutants update. Ten of you (and my mother) helped me launch Mutants into the top five weekly novels the day I signed up for authonomy.com. However, King of the Mutants has now taken on a life of its own.

People (I haven't bribed) like the story. A lot. King of the Mutants has held on strong for four days, making it up to the number one spot, back down to number ten, up to seven, etc. Ten minutes ago it was listed at number five. It is now holding the number 20 spot, but holding the top rated children's and young adult position on the weekly hot list all the same.

Right now, people are pushing the books closest to reaching the editor's desk. Some of these books have been on authonomy for a year! Book rankings rise and fall on this site, but Mutants is doing really, really well. It's backed by 36 people, watchlisted by 26, and the book's rank has climbed from 3950 to 1420 in five days. The comments have been awesome and totally supportive.

King of the Mutants will gain more points if active users who are ranked high on authonomy have it on their shelves. Of course, people trade books on and off their shelves all the time. With that said, it does help if new users back the book, but in the long run the top talent spotters drive the success. Thankfully, I have a few of these folks on my side. (Still, if you haven't backed Mutants, do it! Click on my badge in the sidebar, because every little bit helps!)

I've been busy ranking and reading others, which also helps drive people to read King of the Mutants. It's A LOT of work. And it's A LOT of fun. There is a LOT of game playing involved; I'm learning the rules as I go.

That's about it! I'll pop on your blogs tomorrow.

MUTANTS UPDATE: Ranking on day six: 1001 from 3950!
And I'm all caught up on my blogging duties. Now I just have to get back to beta reading an awesome manuscript...


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