Francophile Friday: Things NOT to say at a dinner party or this is the way I roll

This past Saturday night the Frog, les enfants, the children, and I hosted a little dinner party for eight. Along with the four of us, we invited the Frog's co-worker and sa femme, his wife, an amazing couple who have been incroyable friends to both of us, their daughter and son copin, her boyfriend.

Once again I was the only American and had to speak French for the entire evening. Even the Frog wouldn't humor me with English. It was a lovely evening. We began with the customary apéritif – kir royales or champagne with pomegranate seeds, served with a few light snacks. This was, of course, followed by dinner. I'd prepared a savory pork tenderloin with a mustard wine sauce (le recette, recipe, below), along with broccoli in a lemon butter dressing, and garlic and shallot roasted potatoes.

Over dinner, which was fabulous, the conversation turned to me. "How was my Thanksgiving in the States?" they asked. And so I replied. C'était bon. It was good. Le repas était fantastique. The meal was fantastic. J'ai fait la dinde. I made the turkey.

This last statement was followed by laughter.

And great. What did I mess up now?

The Frog: You just said you did the Turkey.

Me: But the verb faire means to make or to do. So I made the turkey.

The Frog: No, you said you did the turkey. Gobble. Gobble. Ouf. You should say you cooked the turkey.

Me: Oh. Oui. J'ai cuit (the passé composé of the verb cuire, to cook) la dinde.

I cooked the Turkey!

Thankfully, our guests didn't think I was a turkey impersonator.

Ahhh, life in France, with me around there's always humor!

SOUND-OFF: What's the last dinner party glitch you've made?

Le recette, recipe, for the pork:

1/2 cup white cooking wine
3 Tablespoons Mustard
Salt (to taste--not too much)
Pepper (to taste--not too much)
1/4 cup Plain Yoghurt (or Créme Fraiche, or Greek Yoghurt)
3 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
2-3 Minced Shallots
3 Cloves Crushed Garlic (use a press) I heart my OXO garlic press.
Minced parsley
(1) Minced (finely chopped) red onion

Combine all ingredients. Whisk together. In a baking pan, cover pork with sauce. Bake at 180 degrees C/350 F, 25-30 minutes per pound. Unsure of time? Use a meat thermometer. Pour remaining sauce into a gravy boat (it's so good, even on the potatoes), slice the pork, and serve!

It's easy and delicious! Bon appetit!

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