WTF Friday: Greetings Earthlings!

I use stat counter to track who comes to my blog. (That's right. I'm watching you, watching me). I'm able to view what country, city, and even what planet each and every visitor hails from, as well as repeat visits and the amount of time spent on each post. These statistics also help me figure out what kinds of posts to write.

Anyways, I always find it interesting to see what people are searching for and how they end up at my blog. My name I get. My friend, and fellow author, Sara Raasch, I get. Blogs of women living in France comes as no surprise to me. But hairy woman? WTF? Do a Google search for hairy woman. The results are not nice. No, not nice at all.

SOUND OFF: Do you use a tracking program? What's the weirdest search term that's led a visitor to your blog? Shave, wax, laser or Veet?

p.s. Now that I've written this post, the chances of someone finding this blog by Googling Hairy Woman has increased. Doh.

UPDATE: new search term just in: women with hairy arms! Meh. Veet, veet, run!


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