Yo! It's paaarty time!

After a brief blogging hiatus I'm back and raring to go.

The frog: You just want to go to the music kiosk to get material for your blog.

Me: Damn straight, froggy baby. You know me so well.

This Sunday the people in my small village left their walkers and wheelchairs behind to dance the night (day) away in the park. Assimilate or die, right? So we went. I found the dancing adorable, and old love, wow, it almost brought a tear to my eye, but polka music?  Don't worry, I'm not insulting the frog when I say this "event" (while I did honestly enjoy it) wasn't exactly my cup of tea:

Case in point: Here's a video of me, my sister, and a few of our friends from not even one year ago. Watch for the hot thang who busts a move at :35. (Go Mariam, go Mariam, go, go, Mariam...)

On a related note, la fille asked me what I'd been listening to the other day.

Me: Hold my Hand by Sean Paul and Keri Hilson??

La fille: No, I know that song.

Me: Fleetwood Mac?

La fille: Who?

Me: ***sighs*** Livvi Franc with Pitbull?

La fille: Maybe? What was the song called?

Me: ***gulps*** Now I'm that Bitch???

La fille: Oui, ├ža y est!

Song title aside, I guess it's pretty cool she came to me wanting to know what was up in the music world. Dare I mention what else we talked about??? Nah, not on a public forum.

SOUND OFF: Hi new followers, or leaders, whatever you want to be called. And hello to everybody else! What are you listening to as of late? Can you still bust a move? Or are you into polka music? (Which I won't hold against you. It's cute and all. I'm just asking).


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