What's the word?

For fun (and also because they're pretty) I ran the intro of my manuscript (five pages) through the wordle.org cloud generator to see if there were any common themes or over usage – the bigger the word, the more it's used. For example: the word one, which I use 8 times, and like, which I, like, use four times.

But besides like and one I find it very interesting you are able to discern what my story is about from this wordle cloud: Paris, letters, heart, passion, romantic, French, American, and blog. You even find out the main characters names: Jean-Luc, Tracey, and, of course, Sam.

Note: the words meat dress did not make it into my manuscript. However, in tiny type,bottom right, I notice the words "special lips." Whatever that means. Hey, hey, hey, I'm just the messenger; don't shoot me.

Moving on...

Here's a word cloud from chapter one (four pages), where letters, Jean-Luc and love become prominent.

So how does my word compare to a novel of the same genre? Glad you asked.

Here's a word cloud from the first seven pages of Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. Her biggest word is God (twenty-three times), followed by want (twenty-two or so times), and like (eighteen times). Note: Ms. Gilbert also uses the word one ten times.


So what say you fellow writers: Me, I'm a fan of metaphors just like Elizabeth Gilbert. Are you? If you have time, tell me about your word cloud. What similarities or common themes, like, did you find?


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