I just won a copy of Kody Keplinger's The Duff!!!

How stoked am I? Super stoked. I remember commenting/critting Kody Keplinger's MS and query letter way back when on the AW forums. Yes, this was under a former name (sssshhh, SL Hastings, don't tell anyone). I also remember thinking how awesome of a writer she was.

To win, the rules on Susan Adrian's blog were simple enough to follow, namely writing a story in one hundred words or less using the following words:

cherry coke

the DUFF
red Converse shoes

Here's mine, coming in at 99 luft balloons, or words:

"You have to eat something. There's more to life than cherry coke."

"Oh yeah? Like what? Spaghetti?"

Edward's gaze fell to his red Converse shoes. He licked his lips. "Yeah. Exactly. A good, hearty meal…"

It took about two seconds to register. I dropped my soda on the ground. I wanted to run, but I froze.

“You know, Bella,” said Edward, taking a step closer, his caramel colored eyes turning black. “You’ve never been the DUFF. You’re perfect.”

His fangs pierced the flesh of my neck. My knees went weak. Instead of cherry coke, I’d soon be craving blood.

Thanks, Susan. And Kody, I can't wait to get my grubby hands on your book. Maybe we'll do an interview or review here...


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