Another innocent mistake or "if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it must be a duck."


Today I was supposed to write about "H" and other useless, I mean, silent letters when speaking French, but since I have this "careful how you pronounce things" theme going on this week I've changed my mind.

What can I say? I'm a woman. And this is my blog. Which means...

I've also decided to let Fred "Rerun" Stubs host today's Friday French. Why? Besides the fact he's been begging me to let him do it all week, I think the answer should be somewhat obvious. Along with wearing a red beret (how French???), he's obviously just learned something new and exciting, probably French??? But, more importantly, he can really bust a move and it's Friday.

And everybody should dance on Friday. No matter how old, how young, we should all be poppin', lockin' and shoulder droppin'. So, without further ado, show 'em how it's done Rerun...

Oh yeah, that was hot.

(Somebody kill me for channeling Paris Hilton).

Rerun: Hey, hey, hey! What's happening?

Me: I made another French faux pas the other night.

Rerun: Uh-huh. Tell me all about it. Don't be shy.

Me: Right. So the other night I was cooking dinner for the kids--

Rerun: Uh-huh

Me: And la fille asked me--

Rerun: La fille?

Me: The daughter. So la fille asks me "on mange quoi?"

Rerun: Wait. I know that one. What are we eating? Right? A good question any time of the day--

Me: Anyway, so I answered la fille, "je prepare du riz (rice), des haricots vertes (green beans), et le connard." Le fils, the son, begins to laugh. He pokes la fille in the ribs and says, "Elle a dit le connard." She said le connard. And they both giggle like crazy.

Rerun: I don't get what's so funny.

Me: Rerun, I meant to say canard, which is duck, but--

Rerun: Hmmph. I take it connard means something else--

Me: Well, it wouldn't be good for dinner. That's for sure.

Rerun: Why?

Me: Because connard is slang for dickhead or @$$hole, among other things you wouldn't say around your grandma.

Rerun: Damn. Fries really don't go with that meal...

Yeah, I can't believe I posted this either, but just look at all the French you learned today! I'm twenty percent sure some of these words will come in handy when you travel to France!

le fils - son
la fille - daughter
on mange quoi? - one eats what?/what are we eating?
je prepare - I'm making du (le) riz - rice
des (les) haricots verts - green beans
le canard - duck
elle a dit- she said (il a dit= he said) pass̩ compos̩ of the word dire- to say Рin the third
le connard- asshole. we all have one. and we all know at least one.

On to you: Anybody else remember Rerun from What's Happening? Don't have a clue? Well, now you've met him. So everybody, go ahead, try the Rerun dance. I dare you. Even better. Film yourself and post it on YouTube. The prize? You might become as popular as this girl.

Have a great weekend everybody. See you Monday.



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