An innoncent mistake or "I'll have what she's having"

Imagine meeting your French husband-to-be's family for the first time. It's Christmas. You've just announced your engagement and you're talking with his sisters, who don't really speak English. At all. So you're trying to muddle through a conversation with your American accent and remedial high school French, the husband-to-be by your side. You might have had a glass of spiced wine, maybe two.

Sister one: So are you thinking about having children of your own?

Me: We've talked about it. We'll probably try.

Sister two: Any time soon?

Me: No, not until after July.

The husband-to-be and his sisters crack up. My eyes go wide in confusion. The group's laughter comes harder. Their eyes water. They wheeze and giggle and snort. I frown.

Me: What's so funny?

The Frog: You just told my sisters you didn't want kids until you've had your orgasm.

Me: "???"'t.

But yes, yes, yes, and OH YES, I did.

Apparently, I'd pronounced Juillet, the month of July, like jouir. This particular verb, when used in it's familiar form, means to have an orgasm.

So there you have it. In sum, watch out for the spiced wine at Christmas and, more importantly, watch your pronunciations.


Je ne vous comprends pas

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