Wednesday is All Write: Talking Turkey with Elizabeth Bard

I haven't blogged for a while. Sorry! Life gets busy. After all the guest posts and interviews for my book launch (see the blog tour page above), well, I'm a bit spent. (I'm so over myself. Really, I am. But a book doesn't promote itself. And I worked so hard for this. Tangent: Seven Letters from Paris makes a great x-mas give to yourself). Now that we have blatant self-promotion out of the way...

One of the bonuses of being an actual author (I can call myself an author now!) is meeting other authors–– well, the sweet ones like Elizabeth Bard (author of Lunch in Paris and the forthcoming Picnic in Provence)--- and becoming friends with them. I first met Elizabeth via email when I asked her if she would be kind enough to provide a 'blurb' for my book. Elizabeth was honest with her reply: "I can't agree to blurb a book I haven't read. But send it my way. If I like it..."

My respect for Elizabeth grew and then some.

Thankfully, she liked Seven Letters. And I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Since then, I met up with Elizabeth and her family this past summer at her ice cream shop in CĂ©reste, France: Scaramouche (ermagad-the best ice cream in the world!). And I made a new friend. 

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, and I wanted to thank Elizabeth. So, I invited her to Toulouse to spend T-Day with us. She accepted my invitation - not an easy trek. We live four and a half hours away from one another.

Note: A big thanks goes to my butcher. This year, I didn't have to saw off the turkey's head with my husband's electric saw. Prayer hands.

I went all out. Cooking is love. 

Elizabeth and me.
The stuffing. Homemade all the way...with French bread (day old baguettes, chopped),
pecans, celery, pomegranate, onions, green apples and fresh herbs.

The table. And a glimpse of my cranberry, coconut. and clementine orange 'sauce.'
My roasted potimarron soup. (recipe to come soon. you will lick your bowls clean).
Carmelized Brussell Sprouts w/ Lardons, Shallots, and a balsamic glaze.
(A bit burnt during the second heating...but nom, nom, nom (miam, miam) so good!
A book to savor.
Hell, yeah! I'm a lucky-ass girl. Elizabeth sent me an advance copy of her new book, Picnic in Provence. I just finished it today and I'm still licking my lips. It's delicious, full of joy, and a book to savor-- one chapter and recipe at a time.

p.s. My creamy garlic potatoes didn't get a photo shoot. And neither did the green bean casserole.  Food. There was lots of it. Also missing from the paparazzi glare? Elizabeth's amaze-balls pumpkin cheesecake. We ate it up.  (The recipe is in her latest book...)

Yep, the best part of Thanksgiving this year was the company. Cheers!


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