Happy Valentine's Day (and a Letter)

My Love,
Your first look this morning will turn to this message, and in my words you will see all the love that I carry for you. When we met, you were just a teenager and I was a young man, but a page of love was already writing itself— one page in a history book, our history with a capital H. This book was then closed as quickly as it was opened. Then one day in May 2009, twenty years later, the book was opened and the blank pages were filled with words of love... again and again.
This is what I did, what we did, every minute, every hour of every day since the month of May. I've got your heart in my hand and I will protect it as a priceless treasure. My words are never wasted when they speak or sing of My Love for You. The book is open today ... Love ... on this first Valentine's Day that we share for the first time. My heart beats for you as it never has previously beaten. I am faithful to your soul and your body. I am faithful to our oath. I'm faithful to my commitment. I am a man so in love, with you my princess, my beauty, my belle. I love you.  
Happy Valentine’s Day. 
(Excerpt from Seven Letters From Paris, Written by Jean-Luc, Valentine's Day, 2010).

Jean-Luc doesn't write me love letters anymore, but doesn't need to. For us, every day is a celebration of LOVE, as I hope it is for you and yours too.


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