I've been remiss on my blogging activities.

<<< And there's a very good reason.

Forget about taking a vacation together. Nothing tests a relationship like renovating a kitchen, especially when you do all the work yourselves- destroying the old kitchen, laying down tiles (UGH!), the plumbing, cutting the 'plan de travail', installing new furniture, complete with a new stove, cooktop and sink. Man, I never thought I'd ever use a jackhammer. I swear, I'm so sore I can barely lift a wine glass. It's almost finished. And we survived. Here's a before and (almost) after shot. (And, yes, the heating system is now hidden in an armoire.)


***exhales a sigh of relief***

I think I'll be recovered next week. Somebody lift a glass in my honor.

Gros Bisous.

A self-proclaimed princess who may change her name to brico-woman.


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