Tell the Truth Tuesday: 7 Holiday Truths

7 Holiday Truths...

1) We spent Christmas at my sister-in-law's house in Provence, where Isabelle and Richard have an insane collection of "Santons de Provence." Santons, or "little saints," are hand painted terra cotta nativity scene figurines depicting Provençal villagers. All I can say is WOW! Well, that, and holy moly!

The set-up was about five feet in width by eight feet in length,
featuring three different sizes of the Santons. Isabelle and Richard have well
over 100 of the figurines! Some collection!

The villagers on their way to visit Mary, Joseph and
Baby Jesus (who is placed in the crèche at midnight on Christmas Eve).
 I played a little joke on Richard by placing the giant rooster
from the larger Santons area into the smaller set-up. Oh, the holiday pranks!

2) If I never have to eat again- that's fine by me. Christmas day we had two full course meals, the French way.

Take Meal One, for example

1) Oysters
2) Salmon
3) Shrimp
4) Foie Gras
5) Lobster served with a cognac sauce and rice
6) A cheese platter
7) Dessert --- seven of them

Add the wine and champagne and, well, I'm still full.

Let the diet begin!

3) We played a new game called "Time's Up," basically charades. I've never laughed so hard in my life at with my husband. Two words: Mona Lisa.

4) We let the kids open up all their presents at midnight on Christmas Eve. Santa brought me a new "robot," what the French call a blender/mixer/chopper, an iPod dock, slippers, and an escargot platter. (Doesn't everybody need a special platter for snails?)

5) I've been using my robot every day.

6) Jean-Luc's mother told me I spoke French very well. Apparently, the last time she saw me she didn't understand one word that came out of my mouth.

7) New Year's Eve was spent with my good friend Oksana, where a good time was had by all and where we ate another enormous meal. Again, the diet must begin!

So how was your holiday? Good food? Good company? Good times?

Happy New Year and gros bisous!


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