Rebel Writer's Pledge.

As my friend S.A. Larsen has pointed out on her blog, writers need to set goals. We also need to support one another.

So here's my rebel yell. I cry more, more, more...

Et, alors, here are my writing goals for 2012.

1) Write more! I get so caught up in life and the publishing process, sometimes my lips are doing the talking (fear), but my fingers aren't.

2) Read more! Or less. I set a goal last year to read 52 books. I came close at 48, but the pressure of reading so much affected my writing. Go figure! This year, I pledge to read 24 books--much more manageable.

3) Challenge myself by revising! Never let critiques get me down. Part of being a writer is being able to accept, rewrite and move on. I can do this.

4) Continue to put myself out there. I feel a vlog coming on...


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