Tucked Away Tuesday: L'ile de Porquerolles, An Island Paradise in Provence

About one and a half hours south of Marseille rests the small fishing and beach town of Hyéres. Pretty in its own right, it's here you're able to catch a ferry to the Mediterranean paradise that is L'ile de Porquerolle. With over 3,000 acres of pristine beauty and a sparkling sea, it's no wonder Porquerolle attracts thousands of visitors every summer.

Including yours truly.

Unless you're a resident, cars are strictly prohibited and most people come to Porquerolle to discover its many hidden beaches by boat or, for the more adventurous, by bicycle. This past June, while the frog was off diving with his scuba group, the tadpoles and I explored everything the island had to offer...

We discovered rugged beaches, 

the town, laden in bougainvillea and oleander,

took snacks at one of the many cafés,

biked through vineyards,
swam in crystal clear waters,
visited the sites,
and got up close and personal with the island's "wildlife."

It was truly paradise, the landscape breathtaking.

Accommodations are extremely limited, so if you want to stay on the island, it's best to book your trip at least a year in advance. Day trips are a possibility, but parking is hard to come by in Hyéres unless you arrive early, before 9:00am.

Is L'ile de Porquerolle one of France's best kept secrets?

Not anymore...


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