Thanks on a Thursday

Two of the coolest bloggers have bestowed me with two different awards this week: The fabulous Gina Dickerson with the Versatile Blogger Award and the ever-so-lovely Cat from Fil de la Vie with the Stylish Blogger Award.

PLUS, one of my AMAZING beta readers (and a new friend I have total awe and respect for), Susan Oloier, gave me the nicest shout out last Friday's Pay it Forward Blogfest.

Thank you, ladies. I bow down to all of you.

To claim both of these awards I must share seven things that you may not know about me. Yes, I know, I'm killing three birds with one stone, but...

1) It was my birthday on Tuesday. And I figure, the old lady that I am, I can bend the rules some. Eh? What's that you say? I'm cheating? Can't hear you.  I may need to turn my hearing aid up. Anyway, besides saying 'Joyeux Anniversaire' and giving me kisses on each cheek, the tadpoles didn't do anything for my birthday, which made me sad. So, at dinner I gave them a serving of step-mother guilt and I told them how I felt. The next day le fil spent hours in his room making me a homemade card with cut out letters, which he not only wrote in English, but presented with decorated balloons and a bag of candy he bought with his very own euros. Did this make me feel better? You bet your sweet Smurf jelly-candied ass it did!

2) I've joined a book club. Our first meeting is Saturday, where we'll be discussing Jonathan Franzen's FREEDOM. I have 100 pages left, of which I'll get to after this blog post. I've had a month to read it. I started it this week. My bad. 

3) Make-up: I've tried going for a glamorous look, but I always end up looking dirty. And not dirty in a slutty/provocative way. I mean like dragged out of the sewer dirty. I guess sometimes less is really more.

4) Sometimes when I'm in France I feel like I'm on another planet. Good thing the aliens are so helpful. I'm being serious, not sarcastic. Really, I am.

5) I'm needing me a dose of America. Yes, I get 'homesick' occasionally – good thing California is home  #2. Yes, I'll be back for Thanksgiving. On that, I'm the turkey queen. Er, gobble, gobble?

6) I'm pretty sure The Frog would prefer it if I referred to him on this here blog as My Sexy Passion-Filled French Man, but, although true, it's way too long and doesn't have the same ring.

(((love you, my Frog)))

7) On October 8th there was a meteor shower. I wished upon a falling star and I'm thinking this wish just might come true. Only time will tell.

Well, that's it, peeps. Seven things about yours truly. Now to pass the awards on.

The Versatile Blogger Award goes to....

***cue in drum roll***

SUSAN OLOIER, who has two blogs.

MY LIFE WITH ZANE chronicles the joys, trials, and tribulations of raising her son who was born with Trisomy 18. Zane was given two months to live. He is now four.

MEMOIRS OF A WRITER is Susan's, well, writer blog. 

Susan is truly admirable. And awesome. And strong. And I'm lucky to have met her - at least in the online world.

The Stylish Blogger Award goes to....

***cue in drum roll***

Frenchie blog: Sam from The Sentimental Suitcase
Not only does she live in France, she shares the same name as me. Plus, she has the bestest. vlog. ever. And she's hysterical.

Fashion blog: Krystal from The Village
Talk about style? Yeah, Krystal's got it. Be forewarned: you will be tempted to find her finds!


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