Francophile Friday: I ate the bathroom

I'm blessed to have a French husband who speaks English fluently, but sometimes things get lost in translation – even when we're speaking my native tongue:

Here are a few recent conversations:

Him: You ate the light in the bathroom.

Me: What? No, I didn't eat the light. You're crazy.

Him: No, not ate, Sam. H-ate.

The letter H, for the most part, is silent for the French. Take a look at the word hors d'oeuvre. Yeah, don't pronounce the h.

Me: I'm feeling under the weather.

Him: It's a nice day. You should be outside.

Me: But I'm not outside. I'm just not feeling well.

Him: Ahhhhh, under the weather. It's another one of those weird American expressions.

Sure, under the weather may be odd expression, but at least I don't have a cat stuck in my throat. (a tickle cough- and one of those weird French expressions). And that's what she says.

On that, I'll leave you with this new video from Mika, Elle me dit. (She says)

Have a great weekend!

SOUND OFF: Any confusing conversations lately?


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