Seven Bits of Random and Two Awards

The wonderfully poetic Masked has bestowed little old moi with the above award. If you haven't checked out her blog, do. She's warm and kind and wonderful. I know this from her words, which, to me, are just so lyrical. I think we've been blog friends for almost a year now.

In receiving this, I’m expected to:

1. Thank the person giving me the award . . . check
2. Tell you seven facts about myself . . . see below
3. And pass this award on to other deserving bloggers . . . see even further below

So, on to Number Two, Seven Facts:

1. I'm working diligently on a new novel and I'm really, really excited about it. A cross genre YA, it's partially inspired by hummingbirds...

I eye him curiously, wondering if he’s what Mom said, if he’s really a messenger between the natural and spirit worlds. If he is, there’s a message I need delivered: I want my Mom back.

Note: the manuscript doesn't have one paranormal element in it.

2. My goal is to write at least 2k a day so the first draft will be completed before my family arrives in mid August. With that said, I'll only be blogging and visiting blogs once a week.

3. In other news, my arm is almost healed. I'm going to have a nasty scar and I'm not thrilled about it. I know we're supposed to embrace our imperfections, but...

Come on! I look like I've been attacked by a rabid lapin-garou (wererabbit). Nasty little [insert explicative]. See below.

4. I had a nightmare, in it La Fille attacked me. She was biting and scratching and kicking, really going at it. To protect myself, I had to hold her down to the floor by her head. Jean-Luc came in:

"What are you doing to my daughter, Sam?"
"She attacked me."
"Get away from her."

They walked away, both La Fille and The Frog shooting evil looks over their shoulders.


Note: La Fille and I don't have any relationship problems whatsoever. Everything is awesome with the Frog and I. Come on, all you Freudians, interpret.

5. An immigrant, I had to go to the Mairie (Mayor) to renew my carte de sejour. So far, things seem to be going swimmingly. If not? What do they do? Chase me out of the country?

Ooh! Ooh! Can I wear 4-inch high Christian Louboutins?

I have to do this EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. until I qualify for citizenship.*

Kill me now.**

* Four years.
**I'm just being dramatic.

6. I received an award from ExpatFocus, which came as a surprise. The award is located on ye old sidebar. I do hope to contribute to their site. Hmmm. Things Not to Say at a Dinner Party or How to Get Your Driver's License? ***taps fingers on desk***

7. I'm reading this book that's been all hyped up on the blogs. And I don't like it. (You'd have to torture me to tell you what book it is. I don't play that way.) Unfortunately, I'm the kind of person who sticks to things to the end.

Just kill me now.

I'm not being dramatic.

***end mini rant***

Part Trois: I must now pass this award on, so I'm going to give to one of the biggest sweethearts on the blogosphere: Old Kitty.

SOUND OFF: What's your take on number seven?


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