W is for Writer

W is for Writer...

I've worked many jobs throughout my life: a salesgirl, a babysitter, a telemarketer, a waitress, a banquet waitress, a hostess, a "sandwich artist," a live Barbie Doll at a toy store, a graphic designer, an actress, a singer, a model, a handbag designer, an entrepreneur, a product promoter, an art director, a creative director...and a dog walker.

Never did I think about becoming a writer. Which was odd, considering my love for reading. In fact, when I was four I was put in the advanced reader's group with the five and six-year-olds. Where the Wild Things Are!!!

Note: Never call me a baby; I bite.

Growing up some of my favorite reads included: Charlotte's Web, James & The Giant Peach, The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe, The Little Princess, The Secret Garden, and Alice in Wonderland.

I read everything and anything now. A book omnivore, I inhale books. (Thankfully, paper is light in calories). And while reading is something that gives me great pleasure, I also need to create worlds, to imagine, to dream.

Which is why writing is such an obvious choice for me...and being a sandwich artist isn't.

(Don't get me started on the meatballs...)

SOUND OFF: What's the worst/strangest career you've ever had?


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