V is for...

V is for Verant, which is my last name and which I love. Only thing wrong? When combined with my first initial, S, the anagram comes out as servant. Servant? Servant? Don't tell my husband.

V is for Victory, as in I'd love to have a publishing success story, meaning I'll actually be published. I'd love to do a victory dance!

V is for VINO or VIN, which I love. My husband just signed me up for a wine tasting course at his work. Without him. And it's given in French. With his co-workers. Now my language skills have been improving on a daily basis, but wine comes with its own unique set of vocabulary. Sink or swim, I guess.

V is for Villefranche Rouergue, a place just North of Toulouse, France. ***waves***

V is for Vacation, as in I need one from blogging. I'm looking forward to May, where I'll be back to posting once a week. Blogging every day? I'm beginning to bug myself.


Je ne vous comprends pas

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