P is for Parents, Parenting, Payback and Plotting...

P is for Parents, Parenting, Payback and Plotting...

But not plotting against your parents because that would be so very Menendez and very, very wrong – especially when you have parents as cool as mine. Mom, Dad, I just want to say thank you. For everything. Now that I've entered the world of never-ending laundry, messy rooms, "two seconds," occasional back-talk, loud radios, "white lies," never-ending video game playing, and more, well, I get it and I'm sorry? It was all worth it in the end. Right? Right?

(Don't make me windmill arm you.)

I love you both very much!

But, Mom, do you realize you actually put that potential serial killer's guy's hat on your head? I think it's my turn to look after you now. Must be double payback time for me, huh? And please don't remind me. I know. Apple. Tree.


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