O is for Oh. My. Gods. and Opening Lines

Hey all, I hope everybody had a fantabulous weekend.

Today I thought I'd share the opening lines to my YA, FLAWED, where a girl dies, comes back to life a goddess, and her already messed up life doesn't get any better; it's more twisted than ever before.

A few notes: Unbeknownst to her, Elara's mother is Gaia, a goddess- mother earth. Also, Elara dies her "mortal death" at the end of this chapter...

Here goes it:

I was in my element.
The last glimmers of daylight filtered through the leaves and a misty green haze shimmered off moss-covered rocks, giving the woods a mystical feeling. I walked down the trail inhaling a deep breath of pine-scented air, thankful for the sensation of my lungs being filled, thankful for this do-over to design a new life – a new Elara.
Just being in nature made me feel…well, alive.
For the first time – in a very long time – I didn’t wish myself dead.

SOUND OFF: Would you read on? Or not? How does this opening make you feel? Do you get a creepy vibe? Any suggestions?


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