Wednesday is all Write: Girl Not Included

Fellow authoress A.B. Keuser is having a race to 100 followers contest on her blog. It's easy, cheesy lemon peasy: as long as she gets 100 followers by January 31st, she’ll give away 1 copy of her novel, Duty and Death, for every 25 followers. You can read the first chapter here.

Go ahead! Make her day. And check out the rules here. NOTE: this contest is not open internationally. Girl not included.

If you have a contest or news you want me to spread the word on, leave me a comment and I'll get right on it.

In other news:

Mutants is now at 144, finding new supporters every day. Not too bad for under four weeks. Unfortunately, only active members of Authonomy play a role in supporting its advance – or so I hear. For the ten-or-so of you who shelved Mutants, if you have time, go back to Authonomy and support some other books. Here are some good ones I've found, in no particular order:

The Lost Cactus
Daisychains of Silence
Behind the Hood
Notes on an Orange Burial (for anybody querying THIS IS HYSTERICAL)
Samael (YA)
The Enchantless Tale of Lizzy Cropwell (YA)
The Blackberry Season

So that's it for today. Just supporting some other writers with some hot diggity dog blog love! (how queer was that?) Cheers!


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