Francophile Friday: Puppets. They scare the crap out of me.

I don't know about you, but I find puppets extraordinarily creepy. And here in France – no thanks to Guignol and Friends – they are EVERYWHERE. Apparently one Guignol isn't enough, he's multiplied, and there's a show in almost every town. Yep. In the North, in the South, the East and the West, the sounds of children's (my) petrified screams can be heard echoing across the French countryside.

Yes. Just what I want to do. Give my children (me) nightmares.

And it's no wonder. I mean, take a good look at the above pictures. The puppets are downright scary. Like serial killer scary. Don't get me wrong; I love tradition. And something has to be said for Laurent Mourget, who created Guignol in 1808. BUT these weird trucks with almost life sized plastic characters drive around towns, luring small children to the shows, taunting them over the loud speaker, proving...

Puppets are evil.*

I also hate mimes, clowns, and rubber Halloween masks.

*Pinocchio gets a free pass, but only because I find the Shrek movies to be hysterical. What an actor!
Don't get me started on this:

Life sized puppets??? On TV? They're taking over the world. It smells of evil.

***end crazy rant***

In other news, stupendous and sensational Kelly Dexter has honored me with the Stylish Blogger Award, which I will pass on next Wednesday. She must have seen me tripping down the cobbled streets in my faux Louboutins...

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