Monday Melting Pot

Happy Monday, tout le monde! (everybody)

Today is another Melting Pot Monday, where there is no rhyme or reason. First off, I'd like to thank fun-loving Colene over at The Journey for this award.

Of course, in order to accept it, I must list ten things about me. So here goes it.

1) I graduated from college with honors. No, I did not attend Clown College, but Syracuse University.
2) I've always dreamed of volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Africa.
3) I played with a baby tiger in Thailand.

4) I'm a travel junkie. Wanderlust could be my middle name...
5) But it isn't; it's Leigh.
6) I like breaking and making rules.
7) Which is why I'm only posting seven things about me, my lucky number, and also the reason I'm passing this award on to seven people.

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Stina at Seeing Creative

Second, the frog, his tadpoles, and I went bowling yesterday. I'm good at many things, but bowling isn't one of them. In fact, I suck. BAD. Like a game of 40 bad, bad. So I did better the second go around (an 80), but still...40?

Third, I've been brainstorming new novel concepts, trying to figure out what kind of writer I want to be. I started out writing MG and YA, but with my memoir I'm finding out I may have a knack for women's fiction or romantic comedy or chick-lit. Hell, a combo of all three. I'm also very interested in what they are calling the "New Adult" market. Finally! Publishers have come up with a term for that in between phase of Young Adult and Adult, which means it opens up those college and right after college age years – difficult to do at one time. Boy, do I have some stories (inspiration) from those years. It's a good thing I'm able to laugh at myself.


SOUND OFF: Are you a travel junkie? Where have you been? Have you had a major highlight on one of your journeys? Like playing with a baby tiger?


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