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Simply put, love is the main ingredient needed to make a French family, the same for any other family in the world, albeit blended or traditional. But if you need an actual recipe for inspiration, I’m at your disposal, and here it is:

Famille à la Française

Prep time: Every day, 24/7
Cook time: Simmer until your heart boils and bubbles over with laughter
Great for: A lifetime of happiness
Wine suggestion: Forget about wine—celebrate your wonderful life with champagne!

Marry a sexy Frenchman, win over his two kids, and move to southwestern France*

Blend all ingredients together. Open up your heart to everything and everybody. Don’t let fear, insecurities, or regret hold you back. Take a leap. Shake up your life; don’t stir it. When we dare to follow our hearts, the risk is worth it. Focus on the little things that make you happy, even when times are tough and messy. It will all work out in the end. Dreams change. And people can, too. Love bigger, live stronger, and don’t let anybody tell you that something isn’t possible. Dare to follow your heart. And, most importantly, believe in yourself. A happy family is made when all the members in it are happy. Season with an extra dash of love. Serve to everybody in your world.

*Optional, but not necessary.

30-plus recipes from le book will be posted here soon. In the meantime, enjoy this video, where I introduce you to the ingredients I always have on hand in my Franco-American kitchen.

Bon app! Et bisous!


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