THE LUCKY WIDOW. You ready? (Book give-away!!!!)


Yes, it's true that I haven't blogged in a while. Yes, I've switched gears from French-based memoirs to women's fiction and I'm now writing psychological thrillers. Fasten your seat belt and ride along with me! Be the Thelma to my Louise. :)

It's been a bumpy road, but one I'm happy to be on. I'm thrilled my latest book, a passion project, was picked up by Storm Publishing.

Oh, I love the cover! After the first round of comps, I asked for blood on the flowers. A normal request, n'est-ce pas?

About the book:

Wishing your husband dead isn’t a crime...

When you return from a work trip to find your husband dead in the pond, it’s best not to call him a liar and a cheat in front of the cops. Especially when you’ve spent the last few years telling anyone who’ll listen that you sometimes fantasize about killing him. It makes you look kind of, well, guilty.

Now I’m suspect number one for Nathaniel’s murder and the police are snooping around our perfect home. And the house 
is perfect because I designed it, down to the last marbled detail. You could say I designed our marriage, too. As soon as I saw Nathaniel—so handsome, successful, a surgeon—I knew I wanted him. Sadly our marriage wasn’t quite as perfect as our house. But whose is?

The cops want to talk to our daughters, our friends, even our staff. There’s the housekeeper, the cook, the pool cleaner, the dog walker. But like me they were all out of town when he died. They won’t have anything to say about what happened. Certainly nothing that will suggest I had something to do with it…

A gripping and utterly compulsive read that will have you racing toward the last dramatic page. Fans of The Housemaid, The Perfect Marriage and anything by Lisa Jewell will be up all night reading The Lucky Widow.


I'm giving three advanced e-copies away!
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