Testing 1, 2, 3 (photo tests)

In preparation for the new year and my new "chef" book, I'm upping my photo skills and plan on posting more recipes like this one with beautiful, mouth-watering food shots. I still need to get a set of cheap photo lights. (Perhaps Santa will read my blog?) At any rate, I'm excited to turn a new page...and get creative! Plus, if I cook in the morning, I'll have excellent lunches.

In other exciting news,  I have a new agent(s). I am now represented by Kim Witherspoon and Jessica Mileo of InkWell Management. I'm thrilled to pieces! My next book is fiction, tentively entitled  FLAMBÉ: a novel of food, love, and burning ambition. It's about a female chef...

I may be channeling her.

Stay tuned.

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