The How to Make a French Family Book Launch...and Zee Virtual Tour!

JuJu is as surprised as I am. My book has been launched to the wild!

It's here! It's here! The big day (a few days early)!  O.M.G. Apparently, my latest tome, How to Make a French Family, launched into the wild the past weekend and is available for purchase at most Barnes & Noble stores. Yippee! So what does a happy author do? They celebrate!!!

Tomorrow, April 4th, is my publisher's official launch day and the book will be shipped from Amazon (across all channels), other online book sites, and will be available at independent book stores. Most online 'buy' links are at the bottom of this post.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page, where I'll be giving away a few signed copies of the book to a few lucky winners! But just because I'm giving copies away doesn't mean you shouldn't order it. If you win, you can keep the signed copy and give the ordered copy away to a friend! It's a win-win!

Reviews of How to Make a French Family from NetGalley reviewers and the Advance Reader Copy tour can be found on GoodReads. Check them out and add be sure to add the book to your "want to read" list.

And, for the next few weeks, I'll be all over the web with my virtual book tour, the schedule, of which, is listed below. Links will be updated as the posts roll in...

Sunday, April 9th: Sunday Spotlight on We Love Memoirs (Your Questions Answered and Book Giveaway)

Wednesday, April 12th: Prose and Palate (Review)

Friday, April 14th: Eat. Live. Travel. Write. with Mardi Michels (Book Review and Giveaway)

Coming soon: Chick Lit Central Review.

Alas, here are most of the links to buy the book. I'm sure there are more...

(free worldwide shipping)

(is being glitchy. use book depository. link above.)

Finally, shares of this post are greatly appreciated. Karma points for all! It takes a village for a 'not quite known' author like me to launch a book. And you, my friends, are my village people! Who wants to be the cowboy? yee-haw!

A bit of trivia: the Village People were created by, Jacques Morali, a French composer.

Happy reading and many, many bisous!



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