Ho-ho-ho! And Happy Holidays!

Southwestern France is in the Christmas spirit.
The little drummer girls...

Juggling Elves...

Gâteau à la broche...

handmade with 'la pâte' from crêpes. As the batter is poured in front of a fire, the cake is formed on a rod.
I hope that this holiday season is wonderful for all of you – filled with peace, love, family and friends, and great food! Even though this year has had a few downs (it's called life), it's been amazing, thanks to all of the above. I'm especially thankful for all the new friends I've connected with from all over the world, thanks to a little book called Seven Letters from Paris. Hey, if I hadn't 'put myself out there', I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people! I'm thankful for all your notes, book reviews, emails, and letters. Very thankful! With that said, I'll be raising my glass high and toasting all of you on New Year's Eve!

Although I really don't consider myself a blogger, I'm going to try posting at least once a month in the new year, mostly recipes and areas to explore in the south of France. 

As for family life, we're all doing great! Elvire is coming home in two days from the University of Montreal and we'll be spending Christmas with Jean-Luc's family. I'm really excited! We miss her. Currently, Max and Jean-Luc are boxing in the back yard (for fun), working out and preparing their bodies for the big feast. On Christmas Eve, Jean-Luc will be making one of his signature dishes: flambeed lobster in cognac, served with rice. I'll post la recette next month– it's excellent any time of the year. We're spending New Year's Eve with friends and I'm looking forward to celebrating with them. Because there is a lot to be happy for!!!

Love, Life, Happiness! And Never Giving Up on Dreams...

Never let reality get in the way of your dreams...

It's a Provençal tradition to plant lentils or grains of wheat on December 4th, symbolizing the Feast of Saint Barbe and a prosperous harvest for the following year. If the sprouts grow tall and green by December 25th, it means the following year will be great. Well, my sprouts are looking good. Which brings me to a little news...

Book News:

My editor at Sourcebooks bought the rights to my next memoir. It's called HOW TO MAKE A FRENCH FAMILY, which, I can assure you, isn't as easy as how to make boeuf bourguignon or JL's flambeed lobster. Anyway, we're looking at an April 2017 publication date and I'm really excited! Hold on to your raspberry-red berets!

Plus, dun-da-da-da, a SUPER-FAB studio has optioned the the film rights to Seven Letters from Paris! More details to come as I'm able to share them. And, oh boy, I'd love to share the them. But, for now, patience is a virtue. And I've got to make dinner...

Again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you! Let's celebrate (virtually) together. 

Until next year! 

Gross bisous,



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