Book Clubs, Blog Tours, and...Oh My!

Book clubs + red wine = Seven Letters from Paris
I love, love, love all the photos people are sending me. Seriously! Thank you! I feel like I'm part of the party! Amazingly, things are going very well for Seven Letters from Paris so far! Not so shabby for a debut author who was once told her book wouldn't stand a chance at being published because she wasn't a celebrity! Again, just call me Seabiscuit-- because I found the right people who believed in me. Well, there is that, and you can never give up on your dreams. You have to push- harder, faster, stronger. The eye of the tiger! (And...then you can take a little break, but not for too long).

On that, please keep spreading the word about Seven Letters from Paris! If you tell two friends, and they tell two friends...and so on and so on and so on! (Am I aging myself here? Anybody else remember that commerical?)

The Blog Tour Continues...

Today, I'm featured on Kasia Dietz's site, LOVE IN THE CITY OF LIGHTS! Kasia, like me, is another expat living in France, and we connected many moons ago. She's another lovely soul I've been dying to meet. Once I get to Paris! In addition to being a beautiful writer, Kasia also has a line of wonderful handbags! You MUST check them out. Click here!

That's it for now -- more news tomorrow + a fabulous post by author Jessica Bell!


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