L’amour! Encore l’amour! Toujours l’amour!

We met at a café in Paris the summer of '89.
I was nineteen. He was twenty-six.

After a 24-hour whirlwind romance,
I left him standing on a train platform at
Gare de Lyon on July 24th, 1989.

He wrote me seven love letters in an attempt to
keep the spark between us lit.

But I never wrote him back...until twenty years later.

We rekindled our unfinished romance in August of 2009...

..and discovered there was only one path for us.

We married in a civil ceremony in France
on May 7th, 2010.

But why marry the love of your life once...
when you can marry him twice?

On July 24th, 2010 we tied the knot again,
celebrating our union with our
family and friends at my parent's home in California.

Jean-Luc is-- and will always be -- my prince charmant 
(even when he teases me).

And I'm his American princess-- most of the time.

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.

We've had our ups and our downs, our highs and lows.

It's called life.

Open communication and love (glorious love)
have glued us (a rocket scientist and a writer) together.

Happy Anniversary, mon coeur.

Sometimes love really does give you a second chance.

Je t'aime très fort. Je t'aime.

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