Monday Musings: A Creative Book Club in southwestern France

Book clubs are a great way to find new reads, to get together with the gals (or guys), to have a lively debate over a bottle — or two — of wine, and, in our case here in the south of France, to speaka (and read) our mother tongue on a regular basis. Our book club has expanded to include twenty members from all corners of the globe, including two French gals, though most meetings cap off at about eight people.

Anyway, we try to include snacks that tie in with the book. One of our members, the AMAZING Kristin from South Dakota, eh, went above and beyond on Sunday's discussion, where Gillian Flynn's GONE GIRL was the pick o' the month.

"Millefeuille Plots"

"She's Nuts" and "Olive You, Olive You Not"

"Six Layers of Bullshit"

"The Sweetest Revenge"

"Bitter Bitches"

Seriously,  I don't know how any of us will top this. But that's not the point. Get creative, have fun, expand your horizons, and read. And, if you're not part of a book club, what's holding you back?

p.s. Any of you read GONE GIRL? What did you think?


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