Tell the Truth Tuesday

 Seven Truths

1) When I first moved to France, I spoke so softly you could barely hear a sound coming out of my mouth. I call this my "mouse voice phase." Yes, I got very strange looks. No, nobody ever threw me a piece of cheese.

2)  I watched Bridesmaids for the first time yesterday. I think Lab or Golden Retriever puppies make excellent bridal shower keepsakes. Is anybody getting married soon?

3) I lost six kilos (about 12 pounds) and can now fit into my skinny jeans. They hurt. And I'm taking them off now. (I have 4 more kilos to go).

4) Forget about Vampire Bill. I laugh every time he says Sookie. I'm so team Eric.

5) I'm behind on my reading goals. I may have to add some picture books to the mix.

6) If the kids complain about something,  sometimes I just pretend I don't understand them.

7) I just bought Zumba for the Wii! And I'm off to shake my hips and channel my inner Shakira.

It's tell the Truth Tuesday...and these hips don't lie.

SOUND OFF: What's your truth? 

p.s. I try to respond to all blog comments via email. And that's the fact, Jack.

p.p.s. I stole borrowed today's Truth concept from the fab Roecker sisters.
You should check out their blog!


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