R is for RUGBY

This is not a joke. The Rugby team in Paris actually wears PINK uniforms with FLOWERS on them. Pink socks too. Sure, the French have always been comfortable with sexuality, and it takes a real man to wear pink, but...

I don't know maybe I'm too American. Or maybe I just hate Pepto Bismol pink. Maybe I'm a Goth at heart. So it's a good thing I live in Toulouse, where in the "rose" city, the team's colors are black and red. (see above)

Maxence, the eleven-year-old plays rugby. Last week, being the good step-mom I am, I went to his match with the sole purpose of photographing him. Of course, before they even play all the parents "faire les bisous," or air kiss cheeks, which can take, oh, about a good half hour. With me, some of the fathers were unsure what they should do. Shake my hand? Air kiss? What? (Sometimes it's fun to fake them out. You know, sort of hold out a hand and then go in for the "air kiss").

Oh, the things I do for fun.

Anyway, I got some awesome shots of Max and his team, even though it's so hard to capture moments in sports. I really credit the photographers who do, because I missed when Max scored, um, a touchdown? A goal? At any rate, I did capture this moment:

And I'm glad I did.

p.s. Max's team CREAMED the other players. The score was 12-3.



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