Monday Melting Pot: A Bunch of Random

1. Snooki's book, A Shore Thing. What the marketing people didn't take under consideration:

2. Mutants is now at #96! I achieved my personal goal to make it to the top 100 in less than a month!

3. I want to name my gang. (We're English speaking chicks in Toulouse- two Americans, One Canadian, and possibly one Brazilian) Any ideas? Also, others are welcome to join; you just have to make it through the initiation. Oh yeah, and you have to speak English.

4. I had lunch with the ladies today. Good times. Good times.

5. I LOVE JUST DANCE 2 for the Wii! You know, because sometimes I just want to dance.

That's about all I've got to today. (I used up all my energy dancing...)

Gros bisous.


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