The French and Their Wine...

Rumor has it the French drink a lot of wine, pouring glass after glass, matching each course: the appetizer, the fish, the meat, the cheese, the salad, and the desert.

Not true.

Me: Honey, why did you only fill my glass up one inch?

(no, really. seriously? one measly inch?)

Frog: Honey, this is how the French serve wine.

Me: But look at this glass. I've never seen such a small glass. It's, it's, it's a glass for a baby. Do I look like a baby?

(wait. don't answer that.)

Frog: "..."

Me: Soooooo...Do we just keep re-filling it?

Frog: (sighs) No, honey. You're only supposed to enjoy the flavor, my flower. You're only supposed to taste it.

Me: But I like enjoying my wine. I like American sized glasses.

Okay, maybe not so big the glass holds an entire bottle...

I guess the Frog has a point. You can't enjoy the taste of a good wine if you're three sheets to the wind.

Frog = 1 point
Me = 0 points


Je ne vous comprends pas

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