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Today I'm very pleased to feature the MORMON DIARIES by fellow memoirist and friend Sophia Stone. While I typically tend to stay away from books and discussions relating to religion on this blog, Sophia's story is more of a personal journey, the reason, in which, I am very comfortable talking about it here. Whether we are Mormons or Jews, Muslims, Christians, or Hindus, even Athiests, no doubt, we've all questioned our faith and, in some cases, lack there of it.

Admittedly, at first I thought MORMON DIARIES was trying to spread the message of becoming a Mormon and I put it down a few times. And then I read on and realized just how wrong I was. Sophia never preaches-- she just tells her story like it is. What makes Sophia's journey interesting is that she was raised in a very strict Mormon family who followed all the rules. And then Sophia began questioning her faith and what she wanted out of life. Much to her parents' and husband's chagrin, she found what she was looking for by choosing another path...and another religion that spoke closer to her heart. In the end, I am deeply proud of Sophia's candor, heartwarming prose, and courage to put her story out there. Sophia is another woman who dared: she followed her heart.

"I believe there’s light and goodness in all religions, in all traditions, and in all people.”  

About Mormon Diaries

Brought up in a religious home, Sophia believes the only way to have a forever family is by following church leaders and obediently choosing the right. She goes to the right school, marries the right man in the right place, and does the right thing by staying home to raise her children. But when she starts asking questions about grace, love, and the nature of God, she realizes her spiritual struggles could rip her family apart.

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The Blurbs

“Sophia Stone has a fine eye and a searching heart. Her story of growing up in and reaching through her Mormonism for a deeper, more authentic spirituality reflects all the ways that religion can both keep us satisfied with easy answers and push us to more difficult and complicated realizations. We need a hundred more books like this one . . .” –Joanna Brooks, author of The Book of Mormon Girl

“Sophia Stone captured my attention from the beginning. This collection of personal essays, about questioning the legitimacy of Mormonism after having faith in the religion for the first 30-something years of her life, is not just a controversial quake to a reader’s heart and soul. Stone’s voice is brave, bold and intriguing. And surprisingly relatable to someone who is not religious.”—Jessica Bell, author of String Bridge 

Sophia is on Twitter! She will take any questions about Mormonism and
answer them (minus the usual spin) under the hashtag #mormonquestions.

Sophia Stone @ask_a_mormon

You can find THE MORMON DIARIES on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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