What the...Opera???


You and your partner have been given tickets to celebrate your second anniversary at an opera in France – a nice romantic evening sans les enfants. You're anticipating to be swept away by the beautiful music, a score that predates Mozart. And then...

A bunch of naked people come prancing out onto the stage.

Oh yes, one French director definitely found an innovative way to interpret a classic. And, yes, in case you're wondering: in the opening act those people were definitely naked- dancing on the stage, showing off their Full Monties, if you will. Nobody in the audience of grey hairs was, how do I say, expecting a performance quite like this. A few of them left.

Thankfully this opera wasn't a reinvent of The Magic Flute...

This eyeful of a production had me a bit stunned...but thankfully I didn't leave the opera house with a black eye. (Which could have happened, considering we were seated in the third row.)

Three hours? And I didn't even fall asleep once. How could I?

In honor of Maurice Sendak, I say...let the wild rumpus begin!

Here's to creativity...and taking risks.

Gros bisous from France.



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